The novel "RHINO" is a rich mixture of action, adventure and mystery set across continents and raging seas.

Jason De Vildman is in charge of a vast South African game reserve. Poachers are killing his Rhino and selling the horn for millions of dollars on the black market. He catches some of the gang and in retribution, Ahmed, his mentor and friend is killed by a Black Mamba, one of the world most deadly snakes, that was deliberately placed near his home. Jason knows who is responsible and goes to the village of the poachers to arrest the tribal chief and in a desperate knife fight, just before the final thrust, he spares the chief’s life in exchange for the information he needs to wage war on the cartel that’s responsible for the killing the rhino. 

Jason must take the battle to the cartel and knowing the illegal rhino horns are there, stows away aboard the Castle of Orion, the smuggling ship that's bound for the orient. Discovered and beaten, he fabricates a story that saves him from being killed by the demented captain. In a furious cyclone that nearly destroys the vessel; Jason saves the captain’s life and becomes a trusted member of the crew giving him the opportunity to meet the lone mysterious woman aboard.  She leads him to those who are ultimately responsible for the killing of the rhino; the maniacal head of the Hong Kong Triad, the world famous gem dealer and Count Demetrie de Grunwald, handsome, wealthy, worldly and deeply entwined in the scheme.

Count De Grunwald meets Michelle Trudeau on a flight from Europe to New York. She is unimaginably beautiful and although the Count knows he shouldn’t get involved, they begin a relationship that leads her to terrible danger in the Orient.

Character List

Jason De Vildman - Central character, game warden
Ahmed - Friend a family retainer
Bamatu - Chief of the Sagatti tribe
Uuka - Son of the chief and poacher
Billy Botha - Tracker, hunter and friend
Bryce Pittston - Army office working with Jason
Count Dimitrie de Grunwald - Rich, handsome, worldly ring leader
Michelle Loraine Trudeau - Beautiful tabloid reporter
Christian Marquand - World famous gem merchant
Wolf Hochstetter - Captain of the Castle of Orion
Bull Meecham - First mate of the Orion
Countess Maria Fedorovna - Gem courier and mysterious lady aboard Orion
Teng Sia Peng – Maniacal leader of the Hong Kong Triad
Kwan Loon - The Count’s right hand man
Beekman - Durban Harbor policeman
Chief Commissioner Willig-Trusted friend of Jason . . . or is he?

ISBN 2940012096265


Adventure, Action and Mystery Across Continents and Raging Seas! 

Burton Horwitz - Author

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1. The Meetings
2. Trust and Torment
3. Dancing With the Snake
4. Of Love and Lies
5. A Helping Hand
6. Fighting Back
7. Encountering Orion
8. Moments of Doubt
9. Wind, Waves and Sea
10. Tigers Tail
11. East to Destiny
12. Fragrant Harbor
13. Invitation to Dinner
14. Fears Realized
15. Walls of Darkness
16. Escape to Danger

Rhino a novel by Burton Horwitz